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    Ebony Culture Expo Park
    It started tens of thousands of years ago
    and it's here again

    Leshan Ebony Culture Expo Park is a scenic spot with the theme of ancient Jiazhou history and culture, folk culture and ebony carving art, which is invested and established by Sichuan Leshan Ebony Treasures Cultural Museum Co., LTD. It is located in the ancient town of Suji in the Green tourism channel of the world cultural and natural heritage of Mount Emei - Leshan Giant Buddha (18 km from Leshan and 19 km from Mount Emei). The overall planning of the scenic spot covers an area of more than 200 mu, and has invested about 1 billion yuan at present, planning and construction are strictly in accordance with the national 4A level tourist scenic spot standards.

    Scenic beauty
    Tourism service

    Leshan Emu Cultural Expo Park National AAAA level tourist attraction is located in Suji Town, Leshan City, about 10KM away from Leshan city center, about 16KM away from Emei Mountain scenic spot, about 150KM away from Chengdu city, the geographical location is superior, the environment is beautiful, the transportation is convenient, welcome tourists to the scenic spot sightseeing...​

    Opening hours: All year round, 08:00 am - 18:00 PM

    Travel information: 0838-2568598

    Rescue phone: 0838-2568601

    Tourist complaint: 12301

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